BrandStorm HBC is now HBC Naturals

Effective June 15th, 2018, BrandStorm Inc. sold its total participation in BrandStorm HBC to Guillaume Lois, and as a result, with this acquisition BrandStorm HBC will change its name to HBC Naturals. BrandStorm HBC was established in 2011 as BrandStorm Inc’s (BSI) Health & Beauty Care division to complement the BSI offering of products within the natural industry.

HBC Naturals will be managed by Guillaume Lois, CEO, marketing OLLOIS, Lactose-Free Homeopathic Medicines, and other brands in the Homeopathic, Supplement, Vitamin and Body Care categories, including Red Ace Organics, Vitamin Friends, Homeolab USA, JetZone, Honey Works, Alpinola and Nature’s Truth. HBC Naturals will continue to drive innovation and quality in the HBC channel. “The Natural Way to Better Health”.

BrandStorm Inc., under the leadership of CEO Thierry Ollivier, will maintain their focus on the development and marketing of the Natierra brand in the superfood and salt food categories as well as for the private label and bulk sectors. BrandStorm was founded in 2002 establishing itself as a leader in unique and innovative superfoods with a strong commitment to foster social progress and sustainable business through organic and Fair-Trade practices. “Superfoods with Soul” are marketed on a national level as well as providing a platform for the “Feed a Soul Project”; feeding children in need in Haiti.

For more information about HBC Naturals, please contact Guillaume Lois,

For any information related to BrandStorm, Inc. please contact Julien Dabi, or Call (310) 559 0259